Saturday, 13 February 2010

juggle my balls

Clowning About

building my unicycle

just a basic model for my animation I'm quite proud of it myself. took 2 hours and i did take my time. now to model juggling balls.

unicycle time

In the scene there is a part when my clown is riding a unicycle so i need to model one but before that i need to do some research.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Say hello to my Little Friend!

this is the modal i will be animating with it took me a long time to find this modal i was looking all over the net for free clown rigs but couldn't find any so was going to use a different one but then got reminded that a Maya modal training book had a clown rig on the CD-ROM that comes with it so copy the file over, but then it wouldn't open due to me having Maya 8.5 so had to download Maya 10 the 6 month trial so i could upload the rig.

i got a puzzle to solve!

I solved my clip and very pleased with the results, when solving you don't want anyone the 2.0 pixel slips and I'm proud to say thought the scene the highest pixel slip was 1.75 go me now i can start to animate the clip with my character.

i got the green light!

ok i was having problems when the bus drive past the scene because there wasnt any markers to track, but i solved this problem and now i got the green line so i can solve the matchmove and see if it worked.

maya Live

ok i begain to tracking using Maya Live, Maya live help track your scene so help when im animating,